St. Anthony's San Francisco Dining Room opened in 1950 and is the only dining room in San Francisco that serves free meals every day of the year. Dining Room Service is more than a meal: it is building community, and a place to share stories and smiles. Working with 30 to 40 fellow volunteers, Individual Dining Room Servers help prepare and provide around 3,000 meals each day. Service includes: delivering meals, preparing food and drinks, bussing tables, and helping with other tasks as needed. Volunteers provide guests with a nutritious meal and a much needed sense of belonging.


Dates: Special holiday meals are served on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day (in addition to free meals served every day of the year) 

Ages: Volunteers must be ages 13 and older. Youths aged between 13 and 14 must volunteer with an adult

Length of shift: 4+ hour shifts (2 shifts on Thanksgiving Day and 2 shifts on Christmas Day). Volunteers must serve for the full shift. Due to their popularity, these shifts fill up very quickly!

Location: 150 Golden Gate Avenue (between Leavenworth & Jones), San Francisco

How to sign up: Contact the Dining Room Volunteer Coordinator at 415-592-2829

Additional information: St. Anthony's holiday volunteering web site